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Kailua Fall Of Frost

Potter is our miracle boy. He is result of breeding which we were planning for 3 years, out of frozen semen (AI) from one of the best studs in past - Innisfree Fire And Frost ''Frosty'' and mother is our girl Fiona. We imported 25y old frozen Frosty semen from Innisfree Kennel .

We are so happy that this boy can be called ours, he is owned by us in Nymeria's and also by Gosia and Kuba from Kailua kennel, where he also was born and lives.

Thank you Gosia and Kuba for all your trust and cooperation in last 4 years!!

EXcited and can not wait to see what future holds for him, but so far we are more then happy how he matures. Sky is the limit with this beautiful boy!

DOB: 28th March 2021

Hips results: soon

Eyes: Clear

Show success: BIS Puppy 2nd, WDS Brno 2021 - Very Perspective, Final Cut



Kailua Expecto Patronum

Sienna is a lovely young female which we co own with our dear friend Marusa in Slovenia, where she lives with her furry friends Siberian Husky named Oreo, Siberian - Shepherd mix female Roxy, cats and her human family Marusa, Borut and Tijan. She is from same kennel as our girl Fiona, Kailua Kennel in Poland.

She has been actively shown on many shows so far, with great success. Best in show baby 3 times!! On Euro dog show in Budapest in December 2021 she got 'Very Perspective' from breeder judge, in huge class of puppies. We have a big hopes for her in future, as her character is just beautiful and calm, she loves people, kids and other dogs.

DOB: 6th April 2021

Hips results: soon

Eyes: Clear

Show success: BIS Baby x3, EDS Budapest 2021 - Very Perspective



Inyaby Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria

Sansa is our first dark red siberian girl, imported from Inyabu kennel from Croatia, breed by our dear friend Nives Medunjanin Bozicevic (Inyabu kennel). She already started her show career in Ireland and she is one really show off girl, enjoying dog shows and loves when judges look at her. Can say she is very self aware of her looks haha. She is very light on her feet, has excellent anatomy and we think she has bright future as show girl and also in breeding. We will try dog sport with her once she matures more.

Her character is like a true Siberian, cheeky and mischievous, with very strong prey drive, but also extremely loving and asking for a lot of cuddles. She is half sister of our another female Sienna, they both have same father.

DOB: 5th April 2021

Hips results: soon

Eyes: Clear (March 2022)

Show success: soon



Kailua Never Let Me Go

Fiona is part of Nymeria's team since 2018. 

She is from Polish kennel ''Kailua'' owned by Gosia Maciejewska and Kuba Miazga, who are our great friends.

Fiona is living with her breeders in Poland, and we are her co-owners. We picked her to be part of Nymeria's future by working together with Gosia and Kuba and hopefully create line of stunning, typical and healthy Siberians. 

She is very elegant girl, great mover and has amazing sweet character typical for Siberian Husky. 

DOB: 6th January 2018

Hips results: HD: A

Eyes: clear

Show success: Polish Junior CH, Czech Junior CH, Double BISS Junior, Junior Club Winner'19, res. CAC on specialty show in Italy 2019



La Dam Latea Golden Shine

Meet the queen of our pack. 

Rory is beautiful female with golden coat colour and very soft expression and friendly character. She loves people, kids and other dogs, in the house she is very quiet and just a perfect inside dog. 

She was born in Poland in kennel ''La Dam Latea'' and joined our team as our first female in age of 4 months. She had 1 litter of 5 males and she is now retired from shows and breeding, living with us. She loved pulling bike in harness when she was younger, now enjoying sleeping inside warm house. Rory is Co-owned with our friends Lea and Tommy.

DOB: 10th February 2013

Hips results: HD-A

Eyes: clear

Show success: Croatian Junior Champion



La Dam Latea Son Goku

Goku is our one-in-lifetime dog.

His personality is like having an intelligent toddler in house, demanding his wishes.

He is a true character, but loving and caring in same time. Same as Rory, he was born in Polish ''La Dam Latea'' kennel and he is our first Siberian. 

He visited couple of shows and finished his Croatian Junior Ch, missing a point for Adult Cro Ch, but we moved to Ireland so never closed it. 

He is retired from shows and breeding, due having Epilepsy which he got in age of 4 years. But still a happy pup, which we adore.

DOB: 30th August 2012

Hips results: HD-A

Eyes: clear

Show success: Croatian Junior Champion

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