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Husky love

About Us

We are small hobby Siberian Husky kennel from Cork, Ireland. 

Owners and breeders of this magnificent breed which stole our heart 10 years ago. Our dogs are part of our family, treated with respect and care, so we expect the same from future owners of our puppies. 

Our first Siberian Husky is Goku, imported from Polish Kennel ''La Dam Latea''. He taught us a lot about breed, connected us to many other breeders and made our life full of surprises and happiness. He is the bestest boy on planet :)

About our other dogs you can check section ''Our dogs''.

We don't have litters often, as we believe that quality is more important then quantity, also we pay a lot of attention to genetic health of our dogs, which we can not guarantee but we are trying to prevent health issues by educating ourselves about different lines, possible carriers of genetic health issues with hope to produce healthy puppies. As we want our puppies to go to the best families who will understand their needs and who will respect breed as it is - we are allowing ourselves to pick people / families which show the best potential for our puppy. 

Our kennel is registered by FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) which means that all our dogs have pedigrees which are recognized in every country around the world. 

Our dogs competed on many dog shows around Europe including World Dog Show where we got some amazing results in strong and big competition.

Fiona winning Junior Best in Show on Specialty show
Austria with friends and their dogs
Gosia, Kuba, me and Fiona on Italian specialty show

Our journey in dog world had a lot of good and not so good  moments, some of which we are proud of and some which made us rethink our plans. But we managed to preserve only the best memories and learn from mistakes. With a lot of help of other breeders - some of them are my mentors who are in breed over 20 years - we are trying our very best to bring on world healthy, happy and beautiful puppies which will make us and their future owners proud in every possible way.

We love to educate new people about our breed, share our experience, good and bad moments. Education is the key of happy companionship of a dog and owner. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

In the section ''Breed Information'' you can find out interesting facts about Siberians, their history, possible health issues, grooming needs etc. If you would like to know more or if you are thinking about getting your first Siberian - feel free to contact us :)

Our puppies are going to new home microchipped, vaccinated up to date and they are under the supervision of our vet. 

Also all our puppies have pedigree. If you are interested in co-owning puppy with us, maybe try out dog shows / some other dog sport or you just want a family pet, we are here to help you in any way.

Husky 2
Husky 1
Husky 3
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